• Payson Breton Camembert

Payson Breton Camembert

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Size: 125 G
Brand: Paysan Breton
Origin: France

Camembert has a milky and sweet taste and is much more robust and complex than Brie. This French cheese has a chalky white rind and when ripe, an oozing, creamy interior.

Keep refrigerated
Serve as an appetizer or dessert (cheeseboard) but also has various different uses in cuisine. With the rind removed and melted in cream, it turns into a thick sauce for red meat, poultry, and even fish.
It also lends itself to surprising recipes like Camembert puff pastry with apples. It can easily be enjoyed with fruits such as melon, grape and berries, sun-dried tomatoes, French or Italian breads and crackers
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow´s milk, salt, lactic acid, rennet