• Monin Coffee Syrup
  • Monin Coffee Syrup

Monin Coffee Syrup

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Size: 700 ML
Brand: Monin
Origin: France

The top-selling beverage in the world, coffee is the favourite brew which gets the day started and shapes our daily rhythm with ‘the coffee break’ and the ‘after-dinner coffee’.  It is made from roasted coffee beans, from the coffee plant.  The earliest credible evidence of coffee consumption appears in the mid-15th century in Arabia in Mokha, Yemen when coffee beans were first roasted and brewed.  It then spread throughout the Middle East and later to Europe via Italy. Coffee can be consumed in wide variety of ways from ‘espresso’ to ‘cappuccino’ and it is used as a flavour in cakes and puddings.  Coffee and walnut cake and tiramisu are stock favourites and coffee is generally wonderful married with chocolate, nuts and vanilla. Developped to create Café Frappé drinks, MONIN Coffee syrup will impart the taste of brewed coffee with after-notes of Columbian coffee to dessert drinks, lattes and cocktails

Try to combine this unique espresso flavour with milk and caramel sauce. Blend the mix until smooth and you will have perfect coffee delight
Use for Lattes, Dessert drinks, Cocktails and Frozen drinks.

Freeze Caramel Latte
10 ml MONIN Coffee syrup
30 ml MONIN Caramel sauce
90 ml milk
Pour all ingredients into a blender cup. Cover up with ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Pour into a cocktail glass

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