• Obe Organic Beef Striploin

Obe Organic Beef Striploin

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Size: 2 - 3 KG
Brand: Obe Organic
Origin: Australia

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Strip Loin Steak, 10 oz (Frozen) ... Made from the highest quality ingredients, our beef are 100% Organic and do NOT contain GMOs. Our Organic Beef are grass-fed and NEVER administered antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones and are NEVER fed animal byproducts

✔  100% OBE Cows are raised with natural grass

✔  100% OBE Beef does not use industrial feed

✔  100% OBE cows do not use antibiotics, growth hormones.

✔  The best quality cow breed, no genetic modification, no stimulant use.

✔  Beef is soft, sweet, fragrant, fatty ... SOON naturally.

✔  Official import, have papers, certify ORGANIC US, AUSTRALIA.

✔  100% Cows are transported by AIR (Aircraft)

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