• Citric Acid

Citric Acid

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Size: 1 KG
Brand: Louis Francois
Origin: France

Louis Francois citric acid is a natural preservative found in citrus fruits. Use in homemade cordials and jams, or prevent discolouration in fruit salads or avocados. The white powder has the familiarly tart flavour of citrus fruits, so is often used to make sour candies. It is also used in modernist cuisine to adjust the pH balance, or as an emulsifier.

A rough usage guide is as follows:

In alcoholic drinks made from grapes or apples, 3-6g/ Kg
Ice creams and sorbets, 5-10g/ Kg
Pear, peach or apple juice, confectionery, preserves, candied fruit, nut purees, 2-5g/ Kg
Semi-preserved and preserved meats, dipping solution for shrimps (helps bring pH from 9 to 7), 0.5-1g/ Kg
Dehydrated potatoes in flakes, 100-200mg/ Kg

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