• Super Neutrose

Super Neutrose

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Size: 1 KG
Brand: Louis Francois
Origin: France

Louis Francois super neutrose gallia is a sorbet stabiliser, designed to stop crystals from forming as liquids set. This ensures a smooth texture, and softer scoop. It also increases volume, and helps to slow melting as the sorbet is carried to table. Recommended dose: Fruits sorbets 4 to 5 g/l Directions for use: Mix the sorbet stabiliser with the total quantity of sugar in the recipe. Add this powder mix to the liquid in the recipe while stirring.  Sorbet stabiliser will form lumps when it comes into contact with fat meaning milk and cream are not suitable. Let the mix rest for about 15 minutes for the maturation process (i.e. in order to let the stabiliser act correctly) Increase the temperature while stirring, and continue as usual.

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