• Ravifruit frz Chestnut Puree (Marron)

Ravifruit frz Chestnut Puree (Marron)

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Size: 1KG
Brand: Ravifruit
Origin: France

A natural recipe without any flavor added, nor color, nor preservative : 90% of fruit pulp and 10% of sugar or 100% of fruit. A smooth process adapted to each fruit, respecting fruit and nature, for a tasty result. This in addition to a strict selection of fruits and harvest when fruit is fully ripe, the guarantee of a constant quality, a new practical tub makes Ravifruit purees an excellent choice for a variety of culinary uses. Use for: Sorbets, ice creams, fruit mousses, bavarois and charlotte desserts, fruit jellies, iced and pastry desserts, coulis, “miroir” glazes, jams, jellies, cocktails and much more!

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