• Raclette De Savoie Cheese Wheel
  • Raclette De Savoie Cheese Wheel

Raclette De Savoie Cheese Wheel

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KD 63.000
Size: 6 KG
Brand: Pochat
Origin: France

One of the great Alpine style cheeses, a Savoie cheese that derives its name from racler (meaning to scrape) which describes the way the mountain people cut this cheese. The rind is dark-beige, the pate is firm, uncooked, unpressed with a seductive light yellow colour. The flavour is very nutty and rich, but still mild and approachable. Once melted the taste is creamy, fruity...a sheer delight!

Raclette is also the name of a traditional meal based around the cheese - a generous portion of melted Raclette over boiled potatoes and served with salami, gherkins & pickled onions. The perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winter day. Also makes a great sandwich cheese, melted or firm. Pairs very well with fruity white non-alcoholic wines

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