• Quaker Elbow with Oat Flour

Quaker Elbow with Oat Flour

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KD 0.500
Size: 500 G
Brand: Quaker
Origin: UAE

Delicious pasta made with the goodness of Quaker oats & high quality durum wheat semolina

Introducing New from Quaker, Quaker Pasta with Oats flour.
Made with the high quality durum wheat semolina combined with finely milled Quaker oats flour! This combination provides the most nutritious, yet delicious tasting pasta, with a wonderful texture and mouthfeel!
The Quaker Oats are also naturally high in fiber.

Quaker Pasta with Oats come in a variety of favorite shapes. And once you’ve added your special touch by infusing them with appetizing flavors and complementary ingredients, they can form the tasty heart to any meal.