• Pennoni Rigati 43

Pennoni Rigati 43

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KD 0.350
Size: 400 G
Brand: Granoro
Origin: Italy

Granoro’s Formati Normali di Semola are fragrant and delicious pasta shapes made from carefully selected durum wheat semolina and subject to a rigorous production process with a focus on the quality and characteristics of the raw material. Granoro’s entire production process focuses on enhancing the sensory properties of the semolina and in particular the gluten, which must harness the starch so that it is not released in the cooking water, which should remain as clear as possible.

Pennoni rigati (grooved pennoni) are a speciality of the Campania region and belong to the short grooved diagonal cut dried pasta family. With an approximately 11,5 diameter they are about 37 mm long and their thickness is between 1.03 and 1.13 mm

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