• Payson Breton Roquefort Cheese

Payson Breton Roquefort Cheese

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Size: 100 G
Brand: Paysan Breton
Origin: France

Like all great cheeses, Roquefort has a legend. A young boy was resting at the opening of a cave eating his lunch of bread and cheese when he saw a beautiful girl. He was captivated and ran to meet her. When he returned several months later, his cheese had turned into Roquefort.

Keep refrigerated
The cheese has an important role in classical French cuisine being a key ingredient in many salads, dressings and sauces. This cheese goes well with sauces, canapes, salads and in puff pastry pies

Ingredients: Raw Sheep's milk, salt, lactic starter, animal rennet, Penecillium Roqueforti

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