• Mimolette Aged 16 Months

Mimolette Aged 16 Months

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KD 2.800
Size: 200 G
Brand: Isigny Ste Mere
Origin: France

Hard and orange, when aged the paâte is a complex nutty, fruity flavor with hints of butterscotch
Our Normandy milk is reckoned to be a raw material of choice for making this style of hard cheese which is popular in the north of France, where it has been dubbed “Lille cannonball” or “Old Lille” in the past.

Isigny Sainte-Mère Mimolette come in the following grades: Young; Semi-Mature; Mature Label Rouge and Extra Mature Label Rouge. These cheeses focus the excellence of the land, the ancestral know-how of the cheesemakers and the precise management of customized ripening specifications. Sold by the piece or as a cocktail nibble in the form of small cubes in a little pot, Mimolette meets every occasion and use

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