• Microwaveable Sweet Potato

Microwaveable Sweet Potato

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KD 1.200
Size: 225 G
Brand: Micro Baker
Origin: USA

Micro baker Sweet Potatoes offer value and convenience. They are double washed, have a neat, clean appearance, an EZ Open Strip, consistent sizing and they include a label filled with valuable information. Value added sweet potatoes are ready to eat in 7 minutes for that “baked” Sweet Potato flavor! 

The wrap around the exterior allows the sweet potato to cook evenly without drying out the skin. An easy (EZ) open strip allows you to open the sweet potato without burning yourself. Since they are pre-washed, there is no extra scrubbing or cleaning before cooking in the microwave. They are easy as placing one in the microwave and tasty as a gourmet restaurant baked sweet potato. 

Try Micro Baker Sweet Potatoes with chopped chives and butter, sugar and cinnamon or just salt and pepper; they are so good!

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