• Manchego Cheese Wheel

Manchego Cheese Wheel

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KD 54.000
Size: 3.6 KG
Brand: Flor Esgueva
Origin: Spain

Considered by many as one of the best sheep’s milk Spanish cheeses in the world, a more
sophisticated version of the Manchego, it is extremely well known in Spain. Flor de Esgueva Viejo is a cheese made of raw sheep's milk and matured with a natural rind for a minimum of 7 months. The cheese masters have been making the cheese with dedication, wisdom and care in a traditional manner for five generations. Loyal to this tasting ritual, at the different maturation stages, the cheese masters brush the cheeses, they lightly cover them with oil and they turn them by hand, one by one, until each cheese reaches its optimum point of maturation.

Thus commencing a ritual that continues today in our company, when after cutting the cheese into small, identical wedges we serve them accompanied by bite-sized pieces of bread or dried fruits, giving a more personal touch. In conclusion, a Tasting Ritual for anyone who loves cured cheese, which we can enjoy at any time of the day, whether it be as an appetiser, dessert or as part of a supper.

Serve Flor de Esgueva before dinner with a sparkling non-alcoholic wine. It is
traditionally cut into thin triangles and accompanied by quince paste, a
sweet contrast to the cheese’s salty bite. Pair it with a non-alcoholic red wine at
the end of a meal, such as our Spanish Premium Red Temparanillo from Lussory

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