Jade Bridge Dark Soy Sauce

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Size: 500 ML
Origin: USA

1.All the Soy Sauce is produced from carefully selected NON-GMO soybeans as raw materials.

2.Natural fermented directly under the sunshine for 3monthes.with strong and pure natural flavour of perserved beans.

3. Color: It has lighter color that is, Bright light red brown color with golden, clear and shiny surface after shaking, the light yellow foam will remain for a long time.

4. Flavor: Provided for cooking, it tastes somewhat salty.

5. Purpose: Provided for enhancing flavor and with light color, it is usually served for cooking dishes and preparing cold dishes.

6.Making of light soy sauce: As a certain soy sauce and regarding soy bean and flour as major materials, it is processed by inoculating mouldstarter, exposing to sunshine and after fermentation. By this way, the product is ruddy in color and harmoniously delicious; it smells rich fragrance of bean and appears clearly and transparently; the flavor is unique.

7. Refrigeration recommended after opening.

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