• Grand Moulins MB Cerefloks (Mix Cereals)

Grand Moulins MB Cerefloks (Mix Cereals)

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Size: 5KG
Brand: Grand Moulins
Origin: Paris

Céréflok's Moul-Bie seed mix provides an effective solution to boost the flavor of your products. Ideal in topping, to sublimate the decoration of your breads. It can also be incorporated in all types of pasta.
Céréflok's seed mix consists of sunflower seeds, oat flakes, brown flax seeds and sesame seeds.
  • Legal Name: Seed Mix
  • Based on: Sunflower, Brown Linen, Sesame, Oatmeal
Product composition:
Sunflower seeds - Oat flakes - Brown flax seeds - Sesame seeds . Seeds: 69%.
Possible presence of egg, soya, milk and nuts.
  • Minimum Durability Date (MSD) *: 12 months
  • Customs Code: 12060091
  • GTIN UC: 3068110257629
  • Net weight of the control unit (Kg): 5
  • Number of boxes / carton: 1
  • Number of pieces / box: 1
  • * from the date of production

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