• Grand Moulins Dark Rye Bread Flour

Grand Moulins Dark Rye Bread Flour

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Size: 25 KG
Brand: Grand Moulins
Origin: France

Diversify your offer in store and communicate on the name "Bread of Rye" with your customers! The balanced mixture Moul-Bie, composed of 74.5% of rye flour, allows to give the name "Bread of Rye" to your bread, according to the book of the uses. With this mix, get the most typical bread from the range of rye! Its dark crumb, its acidic flavors in the mouth and its excellent conservation are very appreciated by the consumers. Rich in protein and fiber source, rye bread is also recommended for customers looking for nutritional benefits.
This product is also a must have Christmas bread.
Product composition:
Flour of rye 74.5% - Wheat gluten - flour of wheat - leaven rye off and dried - Buckwheat fibers - Acidifying: E330 - emulsifier: E322 - flour treatment agent: E300-
Enzymes * (Cellulase - Xylanase )
* Enzymes are technological aids that do not appear on the labeling of the final product .
Presence of egg, milk, soy and sesame seeds.

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