• Fresh Frozen Ravioli with Ricotta/Chard

Fresh Frozen Ravioli with Ricotta/Chard

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Size: 3 KG
Brand: Surgital
Origin: Italy

Ravioli stuffed with Ricotta & Chard

Keep frozen
Cooking time 5 to 6 minutes
Use at least 1 litre of water or stock for every 100 G of pasta

Cooking deep-frozen fresh pasta is simple. Immerse the pasta (no need to defrost first) in plenty of salted boiling water or stock. As soon as you've added the pasta, turn the heat up to maximum to bring the water or stock back to the boil as quickly as possible. Stir the pasta occasionally. Do not exceed the recommended cooking time. We recommend testing the pasta as it's cooking. When it's ready, remove and drain. Toss the pasta and sauce together in a saucepan and serve hot

Ravioli can be served with a red sauce or it can be served with butter, oil or cream

Ingredients (pasta): durum wheat semolina, eggs, water
Ingredients (filling): ricotta cheese 66%, chard 22%, Grana Padano D.O.P. cheese, bread crumbs, salt

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