• Fibre Power Bar
  • Fibre Power Bar
  • Fibre Power Bar

Fibre Power Bar

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KD 0.900
Size: 40 G
Brand: Slim Secrets
Origin: Australia

Pump a healthy dose of daily fibre into your day! Forget dry and flavourless snacks, nibble on a delicious natural Daily Fibre Power snack bar to buy you time before the next meal hits the table. It gently helps to keep things moving smoothly (if you know what I mean), with loads of wholesome seeds and ingredients, including psyllium husks.

Gluten free
Dairy free
Good source of fibre
Source of protein
Source of Omega 3
All natural ingredients
GMO free

175 calories 5.1g protein 7.2g fibre
Omega 3 Contains psyllium husks

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