• Feta from Ewes Milk in Oil/Basil

Feta from Ewes Milk in Oil/Basil

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KD 1.500
Size: 300 G
Brand: Valbreso
Origin: France

Uique flavour of Valbreso Feta cut into delicate cubes in basil infused oil. This flavourful blend lends Valbreso Feta a fragrant aroma and a smooth texture

The Gourmet French Feta known for its extremely creamy texture. Valbreso Feta is artfully crafted in the rugged plateaus surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in southern France. A remarkably versatile fresh Feta cheese matured in brine, Valbreso Feta® achieves its unique taste and superior richness by using 100% pure Sheep’s Milk coming from a very unique breed of sheep, the Lacaune sheep, renowned for its rich and creamy milk. Valbreso Feta® offers a unique creaminess with no bitterness or aftertaste and a rich tangy yet delicate taste with a very subtle saltiness. Cheese lovers appreciate its combination of a creamy, melt-in-your mouth texture with a firm consistency

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