• Farfalloni 79

Farfalloni 79

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KD 0.500
Size: 500 G
Brand: Granoro
Origin: Italy

Granoro’s Formati Speciali di Semola are produced from durum wheat semolina selected based on its protein content, gluten index and colour. Granoro’s Formati Speciali are produced in many shapes. Some are inspired by tradition and are recommended for creating some of the most typical regional Italian dishes.  All of them preserve the characteristics of homemade pasta: the irregular shape, rough surface and elasticity during mastication.

Farfalloni originate in Northern Italian regions also known with other local names "Fiocconi" and "Galle Genovesi". Several variations are spread in the Abruzzi, in the Puglie and in the Bolognese area. It has the typical rectangular shape with scalop-bordered oval and a frill tight in the middle. It is a bout 57 mm long and its thickness can vary between 1.30 and 1.40 mm

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