• Authentic Greek Yogurt Pomegranate/Raspberry Fat Free

Authentic Greek Yogurt Pomegranate/Raspberry Fat Free

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Size: 150 G
Brand: Olympus
Origin: Greece

Greek Yogurt 0% fat with Pomegranate & Raspberry

Olympus Greek Yoghurt is made from cow’s milk based on the traditional straining process (elimination of excess water, whey and lactose through filtration).

Thanks to this process Olympus Greek Yoghurt combines:

• High Protein Level
• Less Carbohydrates
• No additives
• Proportion of 3+kg of milk for 1kg of yogurt

These unique traits combined with its thick and creamy texture make Olympus Greek Yoghurt uniquely beneficial. Olympus Greek Yoghurt with Pomegranate & Raspberry: A delicious combination of pomegranate and raspberry pieces and our authentic Greek Yogurt

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