• Monin Beetroot Puree

Monin Beetroot Puree

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Size: 1 L
Brand: Monin
Origin: France


Embrace the unusual and unearth the vegetal profile of beetroot. Sourness and slight acidity, touched by a slight sweetness, mingle in the deep brownish red juice of Le Fruit de MONIN Beetroot to add great depth of flavour to cocktails and smoothies.

Red Earth

Le Fruit de MONIN Beetroot brings earthiness to cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and coffee.


Brownish Red

Tasting notes

Notes of beetroot and earthy taste of vegetal beetroot with hint of sour.

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

Wonderful in smoothies, great companion for mocktails, unusual ingredients for all your signature drinks, you can even flavour your dressing with it to season your favourite salad. I like to use it into a muddle drinks with fresh basil, blood orange, lemon grapewater and topped with ginger beer!

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