Gourmet ME - Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

Jan 31 2016

Bored of the usual snacks of chips and nuts, spruce up your weekend gatherings by serving an exquisite cheese platter.

1. Cheese selection: know your cheese types
At Gourmet ME, we have categorized the various cheeses according to their textures such as cream, soft, semi-firm and firm. The French have a tradition of serving only odd numbers of cheeses however we recommend serving one type of cheese from each category to create a beautiful spread

Our recommended cheeses:
· The classic brie or camembert cheeses are a must for any cheese plate. Try our French Brie from Paysan Breton
· Our Comte le Montralier from President Cheeses is an elegant addition from our semi-firm selection
· You can’t go wrong with a classic cheddar or an Italian hard cheese from our firm selection
· Make your cheese platter extra special by adding a blue cheese and a goat cheese to top it off
2. What to eat it with
Cheese accompaniments are essential to explore the different flavors on the pallet. Be sure to offer all sorts of accompaniments such as crackers, baguette slices, jams, honey, olives, nuts and fruits. You can find many of those items on GourmetME

3.What to drink it with
To enjoy the full experience of cheese tasting, GourmetME recommends our assortment of non-alcoholic wines to refresh the pallet. We carry red, white, and sparkling wines

4. How to serve it
The most important thing to do is to take your cheese out of the fridge more than five minutes before serving. Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature as it reveals flavor subtleties better than cold cheese does. Finally, arrange the cheeses on a wooden board or slate and don’t forget the cheese knives!

Bon Appétit

  • Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter
  • Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter