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Quinoa Chips

Mar 12 2017

From the ancient & timeless cultures of South America, comes our revolutionary new snack made from Quinoa Grains – Quinoa Chips.
Quinoa grains were first domesticated around 3000 years ago and was also held sacred by the Incas who valued it for its nutritional benefits.
Quinoa today is considered to be a "super food" all around the world. By harnessing this "super grain" source to our ever-expanding
range of snack products, we are delighted to bring you these tasty light Quinoa Chips in mouth-watering flavours
Enjoy this crispy snack with a difference!
Super grain snack
Naturally gluten free ingredients
Free from MSG and GMO
No preservatives
No artificial colours 
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

  • Quinoa Chips
  • Quinoa Chips