Gourmet ME - How to cook the caviar of Meat, Wagyu Beef

How to cook the caviar of Meat, Wagyu Beef

Jun 12 2016

Wagyu, like foie gras and white truffles, is a luxurious ingredient, with a tenderness of texture and purity of taste that is far superior to dry-aged steak. Wagyu demands competence. Competence in cooking a kind of meat that was clearly very different than the average steak. Delicate, buttery, sweet and smooth all describe our Wagyu Ribeye steak. The Ribeye has historically been a popular cut in the US, but it is gaining international notoriety for its generous marbling and fuller flavour. This Wagyu Ribeye will make an extraordinary, mouth-watering experience for everyone at the table.

Although Wagyu seems like a quintessential restaurant food, cooking it at home is the best way to enjoy it. Most restaurants are charging you by the grams and once those grams add up, you will easily pay double or triple what you'd pay at the butcher.

The cooking process for Wagyu is embarrassingly easy. Basically sear, season, and serve.

  1. Heat a cast-iron skillet on high heat. While the pan is heating, take the Wagyu out of the fridge and trim some of the fat off the edge. Run that fat around the skillet to grease the pan
  2. Sear the Wagyu for 2 minutes per side on medium heat.
  3. Remove the Wagyu from the skillet and let it rest for 3-5 minutes
  4. Slice the Wagyu at an angle and season with sea salt. You can also pour some of the remaining juice from the pan onto the Wagyu
  5. Serve with soya sauce and wasabi

One good bite of Wagyu, and all you do is start strategizing about when you'll order it next. But scarcity isn't a failing of this beef—it's an essential virtue. Wagyu is not an everyday thing. It’s a special occasion food. It should be celebrated for what it is.

  • How to cook the caviar of Meat, Wagyu Beef
  • How to cook the caviar of Meat, Wagyu Beef
  • How to cook the caviar of Meat, Wagyu Beef